HATTON DESIGNS 'KORE' Strength Bracelet



Bringing together the elements of Turquoise, Hematite, Dzi and Iron Pyrite in one beautiful piece. The combined energies of these semi precious stones are strongly believed to provide the following benefits to the wearer:

  • Protects from injury and loss - particularly when travelling
  • Promotes positivity and calm and clear communication
  • Improves memory and mental agility
  • Boosts energy and willpower

We've designed this in a beautiful patterned sequence using 8mm beads. Although delicate and feminine at first glance, it has enough stone and earthy tones to suit men also.


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1) - The correct way to put on and take off your bracelet is to group your fingers together and ROLL the bracelet over your wrist. DO NOT STRETCH it like you are trying to fit it over a tree trunk. Excessive stretching will cause the elastic to fray and eventually break. It's strong. It's made with 4X tough elastic but it's not UNBREAKABLE.

2) - Take it off when showering, swimming, hoovering, rock climbing, scuba diving etc... We've had customers complain that they snagged the bracelet while working on a roof and lost all the beads. It's a piece of jewellery. It's well made but it is not UNBREAKABLE.

3) Keep away from excessive heat (elastic is made of rubber and will deteriorate), creams, sprays, aerosols, salt water... Some parts of the bracelet may be coloured using a sophisticated Ion Plating procedure and exposure to excessive heat and/or chemicals can cause this plating to fade.

4) If you like it, look after it. We will always replace any defective item but we can't replace every one that isn't cared for. If something does go legitimately wrong then please contact us.