HATTON DESIGNS 'KOBALT' Stimulation Bracelet

$39.95 $99.95


Made from gorgeous 10mm Lapis Lazuli stones and featuring a Silver Celtic ball and Silver Hatton Designs logo block. This is one of our most eye catching pieces yet.

Lapis Lazuli has been one of the most sought after semi precious stones on earth owing to it's beautiful blue colour. It was ground into powder and used in paint works by Michaelangelo, Tutankhamun's mask and as makeup by Cleopatra. It is universally recognised as a symbol of wisdom and truth.

Healing benefits of lapis lauzuli include:

  • It aids Intellectual analysis and activates the higher mind
  • Greatly improves problem solving abilities
  • A stone of friendship - it brings harmony to relationships
  • It attracts promotion, success and lasting recognition in your chosen field

The stone is particularly recommended for those who work in the arts, psychology, journalism, law, executive positions and managers.


1) - The correct way to put on and take off your bracelet is to group your fingers together and ROLL the bracelet over your wrist. DO NOT STRETCH it like you are trying to fit it over a tree trunk. Excessive stretching will cause the elastic to fray and eventually break. It's strong. It's made with 4X tough elastic but it's not UNBREAKABLE.

2) - Take it off when showering, swimming, hoovering, rock climbing, scuba diving etc... We've had customers complain that they snagged the bracelet while working on a roof and lost all the beads. It's a piece of jewellery. It's well made but it is not UNBREAKABLE.

3) Keep away from excessive heat (elastic is made of rubber and will deteriorate), creams, sprays, aerosols, salt water... Some parts of the bracelet may be coloured using a sophisticated Ion Plating procedure and exposure to excessive heat and/or chemicals can cause this plating to fade.

4) If you like it, look after it. We will always replace any defective item but we can't replace every one that isn't cared for. If something does go legitimately wrong then read on...